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With more than 30 years of experience in photo-journalism, adventure and fine art photography.


From the tropical rainforests of the Australian Wet Tropics to the clear skies of the outback. Natural and industrial processes that are too slow to be recognized by the naked eye. We shoot with state of the art computerized motion controlled slider systems as well as custom made equipment from our in-house production.


Juergen & Stella Freund have been story tellers for more than two decades. They have more than 10 book productions internationally between the two of them.
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  • Lizzie's and Scarface's little kiddies!

The Daintree River of Tropical North Queensland

19 April 2016 For many months, I'd often hear Yogi exclaim "Look at this!!!" And he proceeded to show me Solar Whisper's Facebook page of photographs taken by operator David White along the Daintree River in our part of the world of Tropical North Queensland. They were, of course, extraordinary wildlife images and videos of crocodiles - crocodile behaviour, of alpha male crocodiles, mommy crocodiles with her incredibly cute babies and of birds and other wildlife found in close proximity to his boat along the famous Daintree River in the Wet Tropics. I got in touch with David and after several false starts, we finally made it to join him on his wonderful hourly boat trips. David White operates his [...]

  • Far Out - Far North, title picture

Far Out – Far North – A timelapse journey through Tropical North Queensland

Far Out – Far North - A timelapse journey through Tropical North Queensland Although the title sounds like some Arctic cold place, it is in fact from a very tropical Australian region. Sandwiched between two World Heritage Sites of the Great Barrier Reef and the Wet Tropics, Stella and I have been living in Far North Queensland for more than 10 years now. This part of the world has some of the most beautiful places on Earth. On the eastern side of the beach is the Pacific Ocean, hosting the largest coral reef system on the planet. On the land side is the world’s oldest rainforest with the Daintree National Park. Then heading west after passing [...]

Photographing the Great Barrier Reef Mission of the Global Reef Expedition

Photographing the Great Barrier Reef Mission of the Global Reef Expedition The oceanic water at the outer edge of the Great Barrier Reef is so clear, that you can see the surveying scientists as little specks in the upper right corner from almost 50 meter away. In 2003, my wife and I immigrated to Far North Queensland, Australia – gateway to the Great Barrier Reef. Throughout the years, we take every opportunity to hop on a dive live-aboard or join scientific expeditions to spend as many hours underwater as possible in this great world heritage area. The MY Golden Shadow. Mothership of the Khaled bin Sultan Living Oceans Foundation Global Reef Expedition. A [...]

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  • Playful, frisky and bite mark studded minke whale.

Dwarf Minke Whales in the Great Barrier Reef

It's been a while since I was out diving and snorkelling in the Great Barrier Reef. This time I went with the superb liveaboard "Spoilsport" of the Mike Ball Dive Expeditions during the best time of the year to see minke whales underwater. The weather was amazing with only 10-15 knot winds and about 20-30 whales around the boat mainly at Lighthouse Bommie. Water visibility was a bit challenging for photography but workable. It's a wonderful experience being back on the minke line and I can't recommend it enough to everyone to try it even once in their life. While hanging on the line I was focusing on a minke face to hopefully get a closeup of the head when [...]

  • Stella up in the air in Uluru

Stella’s Story

Stella up in the air in a heli bubble somewhere over Uluru. I’m Stella--a short, bossy half a century old Asian woman. I'm Chinese, born and raised in the Philippines, and a grateful immigrant to Australia. In 2003, my husband Yogi and I packed our entire household in Manila and shipped a 20-foot container to Brisbane en route to Cairns, where we started our new Australian life. The old familiar life--all my friends and family, my old driving habits--was left behind in Manila. A new, adventurous chapter in our lives began. I'm an accidental writer; that's how I like to think of myself. I was in advertising, producing 30-second TV or radio adverts, then later a documentary producer. [...]

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Asia-Pacific Reefs and Rainforests in the Tablelands Regional Gallery

A 360º view of the Asia Pacific Reefs and Rainforests Photo Exhibition at the Tablelands Regional Council. (click image for full size) This is officially the first entry in this blog! From April 4 to May 4 2014 we were so fortunate to have a photo exhibition entitled Asia-Pacific Reefs and Rainforests held at the Tablelands Regional Gallery. This was made possible with the support of the Regional Arts Development Fund and the Worldwide Fund for Nature! Opening night was a wonderful event. We welcomed 180 visitors on the 4th of April and after the month was over had some 1030 visitors come to see the exhibition. Since the Tablelands Regional Gallery's opening 5 years ago, we are the 5th exhibitor to reach the [...]

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  • Insane pelican breeding real estate!

Lake Eyre 2 – Birdlife and Pelicans in the Outback

Charming Red-necked Avocet in Lake Eyre from the shores of Halligan Bay May-July 2011 A Lake Eyre photo assignment from GEO magazine got us quickly driving 3,000 km to the heart of South Australia to meet German writer Markus Wolff in Roxby Downs. Markus was flying in from Hamburg with many connecting flights to reach Adelaide and we were driving straight from Far North Queensland with all of us heading to Roxby Downs by 4WD. A mining town in northern South Australia, the Roxby Downs mine owned by BHP Billiton produces copper, uranium, silver and gold. This town was surreal. After passing many rural rustic towns, Roxby Downs gave us a shock looking shiny new, like it could be in any big city town! This [...]

  • The flooded Lake Eyre at sunset with wind ripples.

Lake Eyre 1 – Following the Water

The flooded Lake Eyre from the air. Have you ever wondered what a massive lake in the middle of the flat dry Australian desert looks like?  Can you even begin to imagine what or where this famed lake is? Lake Eyre for those who know where it is geographically conjures visions of expansive dry salt fields beside the red sand dunes of the great Simpson Desert. And the Lake Eyre Basin is huge, straddling four Australian states - the Northern Territory, Queensland, South Australia and a small part of New South Wales. The basin has one of the largest internally draining river systems in the world. It's as unique as it is a paradox, generally known as a dry arid environment with hardly a drop of surface water. And yet it floods... Before I [...]